56a Infoshop: From 1991 to now!

56a Infoshop is a long-term volunteer-run, 100% unfunded, DIY social centre in Walworth, South London. We share a collectively run building with Fareshares food co-op and 56a Bikespace.

Come and check us out:

  • we have a massive open-access archive so you can read and research about all sorts of radical politics (both local and international).
  • we sell radical books, zines, magazines, pamphlets and other printed matter
  • we actively support squatting with our fortnightly Practical Squatting nights
  • you can hang out and meet people in the space. Tea and coffee is free!
  • find out about what’s going on with other centres, squats, struggles and campaigns
  • We sell vegan chocolate and Zapatista coffee (which contribute to the financial upkeep of the place)


You might like our archive, and our book and zine collection, if you’re interested in…

(trans)feminism, anti-colonialism, anti-globalisation, environmentalism, squatting, anti-fascism, No Borders, queer politics/organising, anarchism, situationism, autonomism, anti-civilisation, anti-capitalism, radical pedagogy, diy, bikes, self-care, cooperatives, permaculture, consensus organising, and loads loads more…

You can see a list of the 1400+ books we have here!! But we have about 50,000 other pamphlets, papers and leaflets in the archive too!


Opening Times – Weds 3-7pm, Thur 2-8pm, Fri 3-7pm, Sat 2-6pm

See here for details of Visiting 56a (map & Directions)


HOW IT ALL BEGAN: To find out more about the history of 56a click here.

WHO ELSE: To read about other groups and useful sites click here.

If you’re interested in holding a relevant event here (for free!), or helping out in the space, come along during opening hours or contact us.