56a History

56a Infoshop can be found at 56 Crampton St, Pullens Estate, Walworth SE17 3AE. We occupy a cornershop premises with Fareshares Food Coop and 56a Bike Workshop.

The above picture is from the late 1970s when the Newington Estate was being built next door. At this point it was still a grocers shop – J.D Davies & Sons. When the Pullens Estate was built in the 1880s, the premises was a bakers with a huge oven at the back of the shop.

Here is the same view in 2015


56a Infoshop was opened in the middle room of 56 Crampton St, Walworth SE17 on June 27th 1991. You can see in the two photos above how the Infoshop looked in 1994.


To be honest, we really didn’t take many photos of the space or of collective members during the first 30+ years of opening. But we have had hundreds of people working in 56a since 1991 opening the shop up, doing shifts, working on the archive, putting on events, publishing newspapers and pamphlet and just keeping on keeping on.

Anyhow by 2022 the Infoshop looks like this: